What I Needed to Know


What was it that I needed to know? What was the “it” that I had been seeking for, hungering for, all those years? What was it that I was born desiring, born fully open to and able to receive but left wanting?


On a bridge in Victoria BC

Deep inside me, every second of every day of my life, there dwells a beauty.  A real person, a human being. She is sensitive but determined. She is curious, investigative, and thorough. She is creative, deep, resourceful. She goes through fears, questions, doubts. She finds the answers she wants. She has dreams! She has goals. She has desires that are good. She loves to cook and serve delicious food to her friends. She loves to make music. She loves to sun soak and walk and go crazy on the dance floor. She cares about people and loves to write because she wants her story to help others. She loves, and she is loved. She has stopped off to one side of her path many times but has always gotten back to her feet and followed her heart, a heart that tugs her forward, forward, forward. She loves adventure and having fun. She is passionate to live out her full potential. She is willing to learn. She is generous. She is a valiant truth seeker. She is classy…

This is me. Please substitute your own words for yourself if you would like… Deep inside each of us is one unique expression of what it is to be human.  This expression is complete within every person, whether it is uncovered or not.

First, I needed to know that my hungry heart was okay. I needed to know that what I felt was lacking really was lacking. It was not my imagination. My hungry heart was not selfish or self-centered. It was hungry. Hungry happens for a reason. I needed to know that the circumstances in my childhood that created that hunger were wrong. I needed to know that it was not okay to be emotionally neglected by my Dad. I needed to know that it was good for me to be angry about that (Darlene explores this topic further in her post “Anger at Parents~ A Pathway on the Journey to Freedom“). I needed to know that a person who is hungry will try to satisfy or stop their hunger with lots of different things- accomplishments, boyfriends, addictions, depression, the approval of others. I needed to know that it was okay that I tried to fix my hunger with these things, that it made sense.  I needed to know that I was so much more than my ways of coping. I was not simply possessive, jealous, depressed, needy, angry or insecure. I used these things to try and solve my problem- they just didn’t work.

When I knew all these truths, I became free to know my real self . Underneath all the things I used to cope was the real me, the Carla who I had all my life been so hungry to know and so hungry to share with others. In affirming that she was real and that she was good, I became confident to meet her and embrace her fully as myself. I could stop striving to “manage” or fix all these different parts of her, hiding parts from certain people or embellishing other parts for other people. In knowing that ALL of Carla was okay and that all parts were necessary, I could start on the kind of journey I had dreamed of my whole life, with my whole self on board. All of me is now in one place. I know now that I am worth knowing, worth exploring. With this new belief at my foundations, I can now give myself what was lacking before. I have the freedom and the power to celebrate now what was not fully celebrated in my past. I take up the task of protecting, accepting, nourishing and teaching my whole self to thrive and flourish as I was meant to all along.  All these things are what I needed to know, all parts of one big truth, one big vibrant picture.

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  1. By: Carla Posted: 2nd May

    I am able to come online tonight for a moment!. 🙂 Thanks Stacy for your comment and thanks Darlene for responding… Stacy, I like how you say that the shame isn’t any use to us anyways- ultimately that is true. For me, when I lived as if I wasn’t valuable, I used the shame to “keep me” in that place. Like Darlene has said, practicing self acceptance is a whole new learning curve, rooted in the belief that I really am valuable. When I can accept my value as my foundation, I can move on to accept all the parts of myself as well.

    Thanks Stacy and Darlene~ Carla

  2. By: Darlene Ouimet Posted: 2nd May

    Hi Stacy,
    Carla is on vacation in Florida and may or may not get a chance to come online, but I wanted to jump in here and say YES. That whole shame thing is such a burden and yet really so hard to dump!

    Both Carla and I talk endlessly about how we learned and are learning self acceptance. It is hard when you have a lifetime of NOT accepting to undo but it is possible!

    We appreciate your voice on this blog!

  3. By: stacy Posted: 2nd May

    Very moving. What most spoke out to me was your statement about how you are so much more than your ways of coping. That just means a lot to me personally. It’s also very inspiring to hear how you’ve used so much acceptance with yourself. It takes away that whole sense of shame. And really is the sense of shame of any use to us anyway?!

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