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Today I contemplate the journey of wholeness, with emphasis on the journey… Last week I had my first listen to Alanis Morissette’s “Limbo No More” (listen here). I was moved to tears, not because I will never have limbo days again, but because I have come to this point in my journey where I am actually feeling excited about my life. I feel myself standing on my own two feet, making intentional decisions about things that stir my soul, relying less and less on other things or people to spark some kind of excitement for me. Darlene often talks about being reborn, crashing through the walls… I don’t really know how it happens, but I know I crashed through something last week.

A journey is unpredictable, even the most well-planned ones. This journey of wholeness is wholly unpredictable. For so long I held myself back, figuring there would be all these determining factors to tell me that I had finally “made it.” I figured I would feel this certain way or know this certain thing or behave exactly like this or that. But I am letting that go. I am letting myself be, trusting my heart, trusting that what I truly desire will manifest in my life in good time, enjoying what already has. We are human beings. Wisdom can recommend better and best paths to take, but our souls also thrive in spontaneity (especially when we have seen and let go of the lies that have trapped us for so long.) The spontaneous aspect of my soul has been so squished for most of my life. Now,  I see how daring to embrace my spontaneity is another force propelling me along my path.

Last week I felt like I was on a mountain top… I drank in a bird’s eye view of all I have come through so far… The journey of wholeness is not always easy.

I started counseling 3 and a half years ago after 26 years of searching. The tough parts?… I have anguished over my progress/ lack of progress. I have thought a million thoughts, I have felt a million feelings, I have had highs and lows and everything in between. I have beaten myself up. I have grappled with the truth, trying to make it REAL to me, wondering why it didn’t feel real? Trying to put my questions into words… I have fallen, I have pulled myself back up, sometimes wondering if I really could pull myself back up. I have lost friendships, grown apart from people, I have gained new friends, I have renewed relationships. I have messed up. I have tried things and quit things. I have quit jobs, tried new jobs, and felt confused about what I was doing so many times. I have invested so much money towards my counseling. I have been broke, had to borrow, had to sell things, had to take second and third jobs. I haven’t had a real vacation in years! I have argued and yelled at God… I have wept and wondered why some victories didn’t seem to stick around long enough. I have even doubted at times if it was all going to be worth it, if I would end up quitting anyways…

Well, from where I’m standing right now… on this particular mountain top, with the crisp, fresh breeze, the sunshine, and the view… looking out over my journey with clear eyes and a full heart, right now it feels so much more than worth it. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. And it’s not even Christmas, or my birthday, and I don’t even have a boyfriend… I am envisioning new things for my future and learning to delve into the deep treasures of the NOW, based on who I know I am. I am excited.

I am excited…

Wherever you find yourself on this journey, especially if you find yourself going through some of the tougher parts, I just want to say that it’s worth it.

With love, Carla

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  1. By: Carla Dippel Posted: 22nd June

    Sunday, it is really nice to meet you here! Thank you for sharing your story and I hope you will find yourself among friends here. May the heavens shine on you too as you seek after what you truly desire and are worthy of! Hugs to you, Carla

  2. By: Sunday Simmons Posted: 22nd June

    Thank you Carla for a really great cry over your words, in every way worthy tears. I’ve just came upon the sight and love yours and Darlene’s words. It’s been so long since I’ve thought about therapy until this morning. I don’t like it, it’s scary for me because there’s a lot of gaps in my time line of life. I thought after I was 12 that I was really brain damaged. In looking back I don’t have a lot of memories of my life before my mom and step-dad were divorced. After the divorce, I didn’t receive any treatment or therapy. Just try and forget what you do remember that’s bad. I’m not sure were to go with this, but to accept I need some form of treatment in order to restore truth and order in my life. Get rid of the brainwashed garbage that was fed into me and finally love myself like I know I deserve. In all of that, there was a thank you and may the heavens shine upon you and Darlene. Good thoughts and lots of love are coming your way. Peace:)

  3. By: Carla Posted: 10th February

    Hi Jeanette~ sometimes it feels too 2 dimensional to respond to such 3-D growth experiences via these comments! But thanks so much for sharing about your own mountain top experience. How you describe learning how to feel, even if it’s painful, sounds like that kind of itchy, achey feeling that happens when a deep wound finally begins to heal from the inside out? You inspire me. I look forward to celebrating all the other “birthing” moments that are coming up in the future for both of us, and all the steps in between. It’s really very cool. Hugs to you.

  4. By: Jeanette Posted: 10th February

    I’m so in tune with you in this Carla, it made me cry, but a good cry! Just had one of those mountain top moments myself over the course of last night and this morning. One of those “Well, it hurts, but it is a good feeling hurt, because it really means something in me to finally ‘feel’ no matter what that feeling is, to acknowledge the wounds and their pain and to begin to heal from them” kind of moments. The kind that cause you to pause and breathe and know that you are in the right place at the right time on the journey and can face the rest of it as it comes. A strange kind of mountain top experience, one that I never envisioned as being a mountain top experience. But there is a ‘knowing’ that it is just that.


  5. By: Carla Dippel Posted: 9th February

    Thanks Jennelle! I send you a blog hug. I like your expression, “beautifully victorious”- that’s great! Thanks for the diggs on my Alanis impression. 🙂 lol! I am looking forward to playing that game again (for all other readers, it’s this very fun game called Identity Crisis- charades with a twist!)

  6. By: Jennelle Posted: 9th February

    I’m so happy for you Carla 🙂 You made me tear up while I read this – it’s beautifully victorious!

    I was also reminded of your mean Alanis Morissette impression 😉

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