The Day I got Tired of Being the Last Person that Mattered


unnamed-1Abusers will point at minor issues going down trails leading nowhere designed to confuse the situation in order to discredit you along the way enabling them to be right and to defend their actions and position of power and entitlement.” Darlene Ouimet

The final straw is rarely the biggest issue and although the issue that I highlight in the following article may seem like a pretty big one, it was really just another event in a long line of events where I didn’t count.

The final straw for me has been different with different people and depending on the situation but the bottom line of this article can be applied to situations involving almost anyone that has you in a position of less power or value than they see themselves as having.

In the case of my mother the final straw was when she called me one day and said that she needed to talk to me about something. She told me that when I was in Arizona visiting my brother, I had said something to his wife that had caused a bit of a stir.

At this point I had been coming out of the fog for about a year and a half, I had been working with a therapist, I had attended a few workshops about recognizing the abuse of power and control in relationships and I was really catching on to the way that I had been defined by the ways I had been regarded and disregarded by my mother as a child, teenager and adult. So when she said “when you were in Arizona” the first thing that I did was the math and I quickly realized that my mother was talking about something that had happened 8 months prior to this phone call; I immediately recognized that “this incident” which was about me, had been discussed for a very long time behind my back. Here is how it went; 

Mom said “I have been wanting to talk to you about something for a long time now” and then she said WE have been talking about THIS since YOU were in Arizona and we haven’t been sure what to do about it.” And I said “Mom, that was 8 months ago. Are you telling me that you have been discussing this for the past 8 months and nobody has even mentioned it to me?”

 The big deal she was referring to was that I had told my sister in law that I was in therapy dealing with some issues and I told her that one of the issues was that I had been sexually assaulted by my mothers boyfriend when I was just shy of 14 years old.

After my Mother told me what they had been discussing for the past 8 months behind my back and I asked hey why she had waited so long to ask me about it (to which there was no response) I said “So what?” I think that shocked her. She didn’t expect me to actually ask a question indicating that I was not doing anything wrong but although I was aware that I was beginning to feel angry, I was also a little stunned and I didn’t understand what the big deal was. So what if I was talking to my sister in law about what happened to me?

My mother ignored my question, and she plowed right ahead with what she wanted to say. She told me that my sister in law had taken notes about what I told her. It was interesting that she told me that; it was as though she was prepared for me to deny that I had said these things to my sister in law. I told my mother that I DID tell my sister in law that, and SO WHAT? What about it? What was the problem?

Part of me couldn’t understand why she was upset because so far she wasn’t repeating anything I supposedly said, that I hadn’t actually said. However another part of me – the part that was ‘waking up’- knew exactly what was going on. She believed that SHE was the real victim here! 

I realized that this confrontation was not going the way my mother expected. I told her that it was MY story to tell. I told her that I had not told my sister in law anything that wasn’t true. But the whole time in the back of my mind I was aware that this is how things always went. I was in trouble because I was doing something that she didn’t like. I was causing a problem, for her.  I was repeating something that she had always denied, something that made her uncomfortable, something that she refused to believe or to deal with when it had happened TO ME. 

A big part of me was screaming at myself ~ “Here we go again! I am in trouble for telling MY story. I am getting hell for talking about my own life, for expressing my feelings and exposing MY wounds. I am getting told off for being me, for being alive and for something that happened to me that someone else decided I shouldn’t talk about. And I was aware that even though I knew what I had told my sister in law was 100% the truth, I didn’t’ know how much of it has been twisted or embellished against me, and it occurred to me that my mother was willing to take my brothers word for everything that I has ‘supposedly said’ without asking me if I had said it. The bottom line is that as usual, my mother didn’t realize that this wasn’t about her. 

And for once I heard my own thoughts screaming. I felt ambushed. I was so tired of the way that my family operates. I was exhausted with the realization that this was one of hundreds of examples of the way that they manipulate. My own mother didn’t think to ask me even once in 8 months. But then why would she? My side of the story had never mattered and it was finally dawning on me that this fact wasn’t going to change.

Regarding what I had said to my sister in law; the truth is that I wasn’t doing anything wrong by talking about my life. Even though the old part of me was feeling guilt and shame listening to my mother telling me off on the phone, the new part of me, the part that was beginning to see the truth about the situation, was saying “HEY, why am I getting shamed for talking about MY life?” And so I said it. I told my mother that I wasn’t doing anything wrong and that I had a right to talk about MY life.

And while I was at it, I told her that I was shocked that “they” had all been talking about this for 8 months and nobody ever once thought to ask me about it. This was third party information, but still they had mulled it over for 8 months deciding what they should “do”. Apparently my brother called everyone in our family to see if I had been telling anyone else “anything.” That in itself is a bit of a truth leak.

It didn’t matter to me anymore what she was getting at. I was sick of being treated that way. I was shocked and devastated that even though I was a married woman in my 40’s with three kids of my own, I was still being “told”, that I had to watch myself, that I was still being controlled and that I was still being regarded as the problem and that I didn’t have the right to talk about my own life.

There was a family reunion scheduled for the upcoming summer, which I had agreed to host. In that moment my entire life flashed in front of my eyes; I saw how my role in the family was to be a servant; how I had been called a liar and the perpetrators had been protected and therefore proven to be more important than I was. I saw how I had been consistently disregarded and I felt the pain of continuously being unheard and discounted. It was in that moment that I knew I didn’t want to host that reunion. In a weird kind of “fast forward” flash, I saw what it would be like for me; that it would be just as it had always been.

I didn’t just wake up one day and “boom” I was done with the ways that I had been regarded and disregarded. It was an accumulation of events that communicated to me that I was the last person “they” were concerned about and my courage to stop making excuses for them that eventually allowed me to have the moment that became “the final straw that broke the camels back.”

Remember that the final straw can often be what others would regard as a “little thing” and they will use that to discredit you by pointing out your sensitivities or calling your reaction ‘ridiculous’ or exaggerated; something that really helped me to sort all of that out was looking at the whole picture through the actual truth instead of looking at everything the way that they directed me to look at it. I became very aware that the way they wanted me to see things worked for them. They had no motivation to change because they had the relationship exactly the way they wanted it. I was the one that was struggling.

I finally decided that I was NOT going to be the “last person” in my own life.

How does this impact you? Share some examples of things that have been the “final straw” in your own life that caused you to decide to take your life and your power back from whomever had hijacked it in the first place.

Exposing Truth, one snapshot at a time;

Darlene Ouimet

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  1. By: Moira Posted: 20th December

    When I was trying to ask why my mother didn’t do anything to protect me from a malignant narcissistic adopted father. She said ‘well don’t have anything to do with me in a childish petulant manner. So I didnt. Cut her out of my life. She got me back by stealing from me then backlighting and denying it again. Got her neighbours to gaslight saying she was a nice person and wouldn’t do such a thing. Then she said it was alright to steal as she didn’t have my address. Making me question my own reality again.

  2. By: I will not shut up Monica Posted: 8th September

    Thank you for this
    I always come back here when I need affirmation.

  3. By: David Finch Posted: 18th January

    This is a comment test

  4. By: Lilu Posted: 26th August

    My final straw was when my father hovered me on Friday before Mother’s Day that’s on Sunday. My mother is a narcissist who I refuse to speak to for decades of abuse. My father got divorced and he still chooses to enable her. He started abusing me when I limited contact to an occasional dinner. His willingness to get me around my mother was the final straw.

  5. By: Jane256 Posted: 22nd July

    Thanks for this post. I can identify with your feelings when you found out they were slicing and dicing, analyzing and TAKING NOTES, on what I’m sure was a very painful event and time in your young life. You were victimized! And, yes, once again, the mother is the victim. And brother does some sort of odd “damage control”, to protect mother’s inadequacy/selfishness/lack of empathy for the pain and abuse she put in your path. Everybody marching along like soldiers, in their assigned roles, except for you, that day, thank God! That was an awesome epiphany!

    I will say, I do identify with that “so what”? question, as I have been throwing it out lately myself. Because so little of what these people perseverate on really matters. It helps them from stopping and seeing what they really are/are not. Smoke and mirrors.

    I think I experienced the last straw for me with my younger sister, whom I was trying to rebuild relationship with. She seems to be led around like a sheep by my older sister. My older sister is , it seems narcissistic and has always been in some sort of competition with me. Actually, quite cut throat. Bad mouthing me to the family and extended family. Always painting me in a bad light, especially to my father. The queen of twisting information. Man, I was so thoughtless, selfish, irresponsible, you name it. I would go to extended family events, and people I had not seen all year, and they would not speak to me, or be very dismissive, and cut me off. It took awhile to piece together that these relatives were the ones she had just forged these deeper relationships with. She pursues family members like a besotted lover, and with ferocity. So odd. Never could figure that out. Obsessive may be a better description.
    Her favorite song to sing, had always been, Jane has so much ability. Too bad she never finishes anything. You can’t count on her for anything. Now, after finding the love of my life and having a happy relationship for ten years, working so hard and completing my graduate degree, sticking out a tough work environment, till I could move on after school, I look, and realize, I do finish and stick with things, things that matter to me. I told her, Gee. Gonna have to find another song to sing. She didn’t like that! and there was retribution.
    So, anyways, I had been working on relationship w younger sister, and big sis wasn’t having that. She had blocked me on FB, did not invite me to family events, etc. But always had sickening sweet smile for me in front of others, and a big hug, which I usually side stepped. (which she probably wanted to happen, making me look like the one w a problem) Yet, she told my little sister, that she felt “hurt” that i would just sit and talk with her, at family functions, and she wanted to be “included” in every conversation!!! So, we can all recognize that this is her taking control of the situation, nipping any relationship that could occur, right in the bud, and exerting her imagined authority.
    Indeed, she did sidle up to a conversation at the latest cook out, and jump right in. My little sister reminded me of a dog, rolling over and showing her belly, letting her take complete control. On and on, about something I could not comment on. I excused myself and went to speak to someone else.I still don’t know whether to feel sorry for her, or just be sickened by it. I guess it is both. As she seems to be unaware.
    So, that was the last straw. Realizing that my sister is too much under the control of the dysfunctional system.
    If anybody’s mother is getting into their upper years, I don’t know if you notice, that they can’t keep track of their lies anymore. My mother has been going on, telling me how my brother is moving in, “for a month, until his apartment is ready”. I happen to know, that he is moving in permanently, to keep an eye on them (mom doesn’t know that part; she’s being watched!!). I just smile, agree, nod, and wonder, why the lie? Is it just because lying is your normal mode of communication, or that you want to keep me out of the loop, and hold on to you “power”?
    Anyways, one more last straw, was with my mother. I was in school still, and it was a big day. We were getting fitted for our white coats, for the white coat ceremony as NP’s. This was a big day, and big celebration, it was a milestone. Years of hard work and tears, struggles. I went, from my clinical assignment, up at 6 a.m., then brought my lunch to my parents to check on them,between bites tried to get to the truth that my mother was not taking her blood pressure medication, and lying about it. So i happened to mention, what was happening that afternoon, and how excited I was. (my specialty is psych, btw). So, my mother asked me, when you were treated for depression, in your 20’s, what the hell was wrong with you, anyway? what was so wrong in your life? (paraphrasing, this was 2 yrs ago). And I realized. She didn’t care anything for my successes. She could not be happy for me. She knew the perfect way to bring me down. Because what I heard was, “You’re a nut. how did somebody who was a psych patient themselves, be allowed to take care of the patients?” You know, like an inmate was running the asylum!!
    And then I really realized, she wanted me to feel down, and feel bad, unworthy, probably even worse than she really does about herself.Empty, empty, empty.
    However, I still stay LC, bc I do care what happens to my father. And, i need to see her at functions in which I can see my bothers and their families. I have no problem faking it, when around her, to see the people i really like. Just don’t get too close to the shark. And my sisters, THEY can worry about her medical. I’m done with that!!
    Thanks for letting me vent here. My story I think may be disjointed here. But I needed to vent. I have been noticing this week, that thoughts of these folks, keep coming up, while I am driving to and from work. I have been just noticing when they come up, and commenting to myself, Hmmm, those thoughts seem to be surfacing. What is going on there? And just doing some mindfulness and try to deal with it.

  6. By: Tricia B Posted: 20th July

    Hello Darlene,

    I have just found your website, and it is a revelation to me. Many of the behaviours you write about I can relate to myself.
    My own mother has dismissed and manipulated me for most of my life. My sister in law says “she plays me like a fiddle” and I sometimes know this. But my mother is now nearly 91yrs and has dementia. I am her sole carer as my brother and sister in law do as little as possible,due to their own issues as they say. I started seeing a psychologist recently and will have some CBT. My mother can still manipulate me with her theatrics, but I am not having so many meltdowns and have cut down my time with her.( she is in a sheltered flat) I do her shopping, cleaning,take her out etc., She does not go out at all herself and has never mixed with many folk, she always falls out with people who have opinions and prefers to stay in her ivory tower alone except for me. She tolerates the carers who visit 4 times a day, but my mum needs you to be sweet, delightful, good, deferring and perfect or she dislikes you. It is as if she is ok being alone with her own opinions. Any suggestions to keep my sanity.
    Your site is wonderful. Thank you for all your inspiration and hope.

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