Self Acknowledgment ~ IS IT A SIN?


self aknowledgement

In honour of the Canadian Thanksgiving today I am writing about the importance of self acknowledgement and specifically my ability to be grateful (in public) for my wins and my accomplishments.

I sometimes get email either asking me “why” I brag about accomplishments or reprimanding me about posting my achievements on my face book pages. One lady was really upset with me and wanted to know what my achievements had to do with any of it?  My “bragging” was on my personal facebook profile page, and I when I asked her why this upset her she really couldn’t answer other than to say “it is just wrong”. Recently I got another such note, this time the woman expressed admiration for my work and my message, but then said that when I “tooted my own horn” that way it took away from the power in my message.

I find this a bit shocking and even disappointing that survivors of depression and abuse would be offended by my celebrating my accomplishments.  In order to give some context to what some people find offensive I will list a few of my facebook posts that trigger these negative responses;

~I have posted my Alexa ranking (In 10 months time Emerging from Broken achieved the website rank of #344,000 worldwide. I posted this believing that I was celebrating what I considered to be a big win).

~I have posted a celebratory post about getting 1000 comments on the blog in eleven weeks.

~I have posted the growth in numbers of the facebook page for Emerging from Broken.

~I have posted links to the OTI Members Daily ~ a twitter newsletter put out by online therapy expert DeeAnna Merz Nagel from the Online Therapy Institute, when my blog gets included in the twitter paper.

~I have posted the number of comments on certain posts. The most comments ever was 77 for the post Sexual Abuse ~ Devalued, Discounted and Unprotected

~I posted that I was being interviewed by Scotland Counsellor John Wilson from Online events about my amazing journey and my blog. 

Most of these things are about my accomplishments! Some of them are just a way to get more people to read the posts or visit the fan page because I believe in my message and want other people to find out about it. My blog is about how I went from totally hopeless to living an awesome amazing and excitingly full life. I think that is worthy of promoting!

I spent most of my life in the darkness of depression. I struggled with low self esteem and had a poor self image until I took my life back about 6 years ago. In my old life, no one acknowledged me for anything, in fact I was often put down for my accomplishments, accused of cheating, accused of “sleeping with the boss”, someone else got the credit for my work and the list goes on.  I had huge issues with pursuing a goal because of the fear of those things happening again.

 I was talking to my young teenage daughter about this post and about the concept of not bragging or tooting your own horn; this is what she had to say “Pride is a sin. You can’t be proud of your own work because this is God’s work now ~ you did it for God so it doesn’t belong to you anymore. It isn’t “your pride” anymore. Don’t boast, don’t be proud. That is what I was taught in the Christian school” I think that is very sad that she was taught that, and I try very hard to erase that negative teaching from her belief system.

I learned all kinds of stuff about humility and all that jazz, but before I learned that, I learned to put myself down and keep myself down. I learned to squish myself before someone else did. I learned that it was safer to be quiet then to be in the spotlight. And all this had to be unlearned in order for me to embrace my new life in wholeness so that I could go forward.  

I was a broken woman who had given up hope, and now I have a mental health blog about emotional healing that gets hundreds of views per day.  

I was interviewed by a therapist last week. Therapists used to treat me like I was a fragile, breakable, shadow of a woman and they spoke to me with such care in case I fell apart. Today they are my colleagues. That is something to celebrate. And who is going to celebrate that for me? (click to see the YouTube clip of my interview with John Wilson.)

I doesn’t mean as much when someone else gives me credit. When I was in counselling therapy, my therapist would acknowledge me, and I couldn’t accept it. I learned to recognize my automatic reactions to his statements. Sometimes I just dismissed acknowledgement. Sometimes it made me uncomfortable and I didn’t know where to look, sometimes I thought that he was saying nice things because I was paying him to. I didn’t really always believe that he liked me and I felt like I had to PAY someone to listen to me or to talk to me. I felt like I had to pay someone to really hear me. That came from way deep down in my fragile self esteem and I don’t feel that way anymore.   

While I am on this subject, I also need to apologize to Hillary at “Quivering Daughters” because she bestowed upon me a beautiful blog award, (see it in the picture!) and I neglected to talk about it!  (MY BAD)  Hillary has a great website about Spiritual Abuse, and if spiritual abuse is an issue for you, I hope you visit her site.

I’ve come a long way baby and I am proud of myself. I don’t think that I am “tooting my own horn” because that statement has all sorts of negative baggage attached to it. I think of it as self care; I think of it as good mental health recovery stuff, positive reinforcement, and high fiving with the world!

AND WHY NOT? Whooooooooo hoooooooooooooo life is a ride and I am in the front car! There is room for everyone! Who’s in??

Love and Laughter ~ Always

Darlene Ouimet

P.S. all the titles are live linked to the places and people that I have mentioned, just click on them to visit.

67 response to "Self Acknowledgment ~ IS IT A SIN?"

  1. By: helen Posted: 28th November

    Whats wrong if you “tooted your own horn” anyway!!!!

  2. By: Shannon Posted: 20th October

    One of the things this post set off in me is affirmation for what I have come to believe about humility, which I do believe to be a virtue. My own tangled mess of an upbringing has often left me adrift for having a deep sense of knowing whether or not I am on the right path, with right thinking.

    I began believing and teaching my own children that humility, true humility, is not about lowering ourselves, but rather about elevating others. We don’t need to negate or diminish the good we do or the good we are in order to be humble, but we do need to recognise and celebrate the awesomeness of others. True humility is seeing ourselves as we truly are, and not shying away from that–and that includes both our virtues and assets, as well as our vices and defects. I don’t know if any of that makes sense–but this post really touched that place in me deeply.

    Thank you for the work you do. Sharing your journey with others so publicly is an amazing gift to us all!

    • By: Darlene Ouimet Posted: 20th October

      Hi Shannon!
      Everything you wrote here makes sense to me! I agree! Thanks so much for your comment and the lovely compliment to my work.
      I appreciate it.
      Hugs, Darlene

  3. By: BettyJean Kling Posted: 15th October

    You go Girl.
    I don’t see it as tooting at all- I see it as encouraging other women to grow!

    You are such an inspiration to me. I have been quietly watching you since I had you on my show. I am not yet ready to forgive- when i get ready I know where to turn to learn how.

    I wish you had agreed to be on my board but you are doing a great job right where you are! Don’t let anyone slow you down, or take any air out of your balloon, you just keep soaring just as high as you can– you have earned those wings!

    • By: Darlene Ouimet Posted: 16th October

      Hi BettyJean!
      Wonderful to hear from you! I think of you often too, and I get notifications about what you are up to with your site and your show. I know about not being ready; that’s okay, but I am here when you are ready! (and I’m looking forward to that time for you!~ freedom calls B.J.)
      Thanks for your encouragement! I will keep pressing forward and spreading my wings!!!!
      Hugs, Darlene

  4. By: Paulette Posted: 14th October

    Elizabeth … I know, you think Christian schools would have a better reputation than that! I have heard so many horror stories of different Christian schools, and I am a Christ-follower! 🙂 My husband and I opted to put our kids in public school … besides, the thing about Christian schools is that you really don’t know what they are being taught in ‘religion.’ And because I am a total freak about Truth, my husband and I teach our kids Bible at home – we may not be scholars, but at least we know what they are learning. I didn’t want my kids embracing religion, I want them to embrace Christ, I want them to experience His grace. The more I hear about Christian schools, I cringe.

    Elizabeth, I’m so sorry you experienced that, and that your kids did! I have heard that said that many Christian schools are worse than public in the regard that you mentioned. Sad.

  5. By: Elizabeth Posted: 14th October

    Wow. I can relate to the Christian school comments that a few of you have posted. OMG between that and the church I almost lost my relationship with my child. It was that destructive. She also didn’t want me to get involved and didn’t tell me a quarter of what was going on.

    I have to say my mother wanted her in this school, and as I was a single parent and living with her I caved, and allowed my child to be sent there. Talk about a convoluted bag of pitfalls for the kid of a single parent! this school was where alot of kids had their first sexual experiences amongst each other, and some of the male teachers were inappropriately close with the female students. it was a land of even fewer boundaries than a secular school, and far fewer rules and regulations were followed than public schools followed.It was also a place where alot of parents opted to send their troubled kids to straighten them out! What was I thinking when I let my precious child attend?

    What I was thinking was that because they were ‘Christians’ they were kinder and gentler with ALL people than other schools. WRONG.

  6. By: Darlene Ouimet Posted: 14th October

    Lisa Marie!
    Congrats and thank you for sharing your win!! This is awesome news!

    Fi ~
    Wow, you have really accomplished a lot this last few months! That is one heck of a list! Congratulations on doing the work that sets you free! Most of what you shared is really tough stuff, the real slugging it out stuff, but it really pays off! My favorite part is this statement that you wrote “As a result of disclosing I’ve regained my voice and I WILL NOT BE SILENCED EVER AGAIN” That is freedom baby!

    Your comment reads like poetry! Thanks so much for your contribution!

    You have also accomplished a lot in recent months! Thanks for sharing your wins and your freedom!

    I love this idea of posting our wins and accomplishments.. I might make a special place for it!
    Hugs, to all, Darlene

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