Restless Growing



Restless to…

Restless to be…

Restless to be in action…

Restless to take this for a spin, a test ride, a real ride.

Restless, like a horse in its stall, who’s just healed from a fall… Bandaged leg unwrapped, tender but strong, with a gleam in her eye for the long horizon… the brimming horizon…  pawing the ground… breath steaming in and out… The walls around her have waited patiently. They watch her now, and when she gives the signal they’ll step aside to let her go… to let her run.


Not restless like I used to be. Not restlessly anxious to escape, to grasp at straws or distract myself with excitement. Not restless to hide, to run away, to quiet the cynic or appease the crowd.

Restlessly alive. Like the shudder of leaves, the swirl of birds in a chattering flock, the hurried ushering of water towards the falls…  to do what’s next and to be what is now, right now. Restless and accepting all at one time. Whole… and Becoming.  

Restless to let what’s growing inside, what’s taken root, to let it use my feet and do some walking. Less talking more walking. Restless to use my hands and form what’s mine, to give it life, to make it real, believing that what I feel is true and what I envision, I am worthy of. Restless not to make it happen, but to let it happen… to walk towards it and be carried. Restless to accept.  Restless to build. Restless to live out what I have so gratefully received.


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