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    • Have you struggled with low self-esteem – that awful feeling that you are not “good enough”?
    • Does it seem like everyone else is more important than you are?
    • Do you ever feel invisible or that your needs are not important?
    • Is something is missing in your life?
    • Do you feel like you have to ask permission, justify your choices, or defend the decisions you make?
    • Have people in your life told you to just “get over it” or “forgive and forget”?

Emerging From Broken - The Book

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, the answer is

Emerging from Broken:

The Beginning of Hope for Emotional Healing

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I’ve been where you are now … and I found a way to take back control of my life. Today, I see things clearly. I discovered a way to break through the oppression that had dominated my life. By first choosing to validate the damage, I was able to emerge from living life as the broken person I had become.

You, too, can experience the wonderful life you’ve been missing.

Emerging from Broken ~ The Beginning of Hope for Emotional Healing is ready for download now!

The key to the present lies in the past. When we struggle with difficulties and challenging situations, many well-intentioned people often say things like “just get over it,” “leave the past in the past,” or “forgive and forget.” I had been trying to do that my entire adult life but my depression was getting worse. It wasn’t until I examined that point “where the ‘broken’ began” that I found all my answers. By looking at what had happened to me – instead of what was wrong with me – I discovered that many of the messages I had received through difficult situations in childhood were FALSE! And, it was these false messages that I believed about myself that were the problem.

Healing comes through validation. I had to see where I had been invalidated in order to validate and heal myself. There wasn’t anything ‘wrong with me,’ but, rather, certain events and abuses had happened to me. Seeing things through a more truthful lens empowered me and gave me the permission I needed to release the pain. Now, you too can release your pain in this way.

Bestselling author and personal development expert Brian Tracy says, This warm, wonderful book shows you how to put the past behind and become a happy, inspired and joyful person. Brian Tracy, Author, Kiss That Frog
Download this important e-book NOW! You can enjoy it on your laptop or P.C. e-reader, tablet, or you can print it out. Start reading today and let the healing begin!

“If your belief system tells you anything other than you are a wonderful, precious human being who deserves a life filled with love and happiness, this book is your Rx for happier days ahead. Get it, read it, believe it!” Robin Jay~ award-winning filmmaker, (The Key Movies) author, speaker and President, Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau

Read enough?  Buy the e-book

This e-book has a special feature;

A few years ago I realized that thousands of people from all over the world were spending hours and hours reading my blog and this gave me the idea to compile the articles into an e-books, re-ordered, edited and in some cases re-written. This 197 page e-book contains the first 2 years of my work on the Emerging from Broken blog. I have kept the original titles as they appear in the website. If you would like to read the discussions associated with the original blog post, the titles in the body of the book are live linked; if you are reading on a computer you can mouse over them and go directly to them OR you can type the title into a search engine such as Google and the link to the original post will come up.

This book is available for download in several different formats. You may choose to download and read it on your laptop or computer, iPad, Kindle and other e-readers. All options are available on the download page!

Here’s what a few people are saying about Emerging from Broken:

Darlene, you saved my life. I can’t minimize that truth. It’s no mistake that in my very darkest hours, I saw a link to your page. That’s where I began my journey. I started out with so many questions. I submerged myself in the writings of EFB, and there is where I found my truth. I can’t thank you enough for the courage you’ve had to share your story in order to reach others. I’m over three years into my process now, and I might not have survived it without the support of your website. I am happy and thriving now, and free of the FOG. I thought I’d never be here, but, I held onto your words. They came true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Darlene. You are changing the face of abuse  ~ Mimi

Having suffered with depression, anxiety attacks, PTSD … etc. I had seen several different therapists throughout my life. NONE of these professionals had as profound of an impact on my recovery as the work Darlene has done through Emerging from Broken. EFB has been the kind of validation I had been searching for my whole life. It gave me hope, being able to have someone to relate to and see that it IS possible to overcome the cycle of abuse, for myself and for my children. Thank you Darlene for all of the time and energy put into giving hope to so many! Most especially, thank you for helping in my recovery from a lifetime of covert abuse. ~ KR

EFB changed my life at age 66. More than just another “misery loves company” forum, Darlene and EFB participants offer truthful insights into how to make oneself whole, even without a loving family. ~ Anonymous


This printable and downloadable e-book is available to read on laptop or computer, iPad, Kindle and other e-readers and tablets. All options offered through the buy button! Get yours now!


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