Learning to Live Life Fully


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I am amazed at the brokenness that surrounds me each day in the lives of others. Surrounded by pain, so many people live day to day without knowing what it is to fully live, to flourish and thrive. Some have recovered from mental health issues, addictions, and serious illness such as chronic depression or bi-polar disorder, but have this nagging question; now what?

When a person has been shut down or broken for a large part of their life, how does one learn to live again? How do you go from dealing with depression and struggling to cope with whatever life throws your way, to living full time? It might sound easy, but in my experience it isn’t. It is difficult because it is not familiar. Coping is what is familiar so there is a new learning curve to deal with now.

When I started to get on with my life, I felt like I was re-learning how to live, almost like growing up at warp speed. It was crazy but exciting because I had some support and because I was aware of how much I had missed prior to living in wholeness.  I was developing new familiarity. I learned to listen to the little voices that whispered to me that I should not move forward, that it was too scary, too risky and I learned to reassure myself. I learned new ways to avoid sliding into depression.  In some ways I became my own parent, going back and parenting myself in the areas that were missed when I was growing up.

Recovering from depression, multiple personality and dissociative identity disorder has been the most exciting and worthwhile thing I have ever attempted. Learning to embrace life fully and live in wholeness and freedom is something I never imagined I would ever achieve. Sharing my journey and hope with others is my passion. Today I am thriving.


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  1. By: Diane Posted: 24th May

    I have begun to realize how much I have missed in my life. It could be tempting to feel self pity, but the gratitude for being healed and free and finding myself….and the excitement of a fresh start are really the way I feel now! Learning to live and not just exist and especially the knowledge that I never have to go back into that dark place ever again is beyond joyful!

  2. By: Viv Palmer/Harvey Posted: 1st December

    the process…facing the unknown, not knowing how to relate or fit in, and so much more. I know that’s not a complete sentence..but only a scratch across the surface of the swirling ball of what-ifs,not-safe, you-arents,negatives and all other inner dialogue…Thank you for starting this blog

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