It’s A Whole New Feeling


Tasting real life, beyond surviving, is a whole new world. I’m a coffee lover, so it’s comparable to having only tasted stale gas station coffee your whole life and then one day, having a sip of some smooth, rich creamy brew and realizing that there’s more for you than what you thought! The pain of surviving was not just a “normal” thing that I had to get used to. I had always wanted more than that, but had sometimes doubted the possibility of it.

Survival mode had become an uncomfortably comfortable habit… (painful, but familiar and deceptively safe). And so my process of living in a new way happens in spurts and steps and phases. The biggest thing that can hold me back is this naggling, deep down, long cultivated belief that I don’t really deserve to be too happy (plus, sometimes people look at you funny if you’re too happy, so just be careful…). I still battle that lie every day, but it gets easier each time. It’s amazing how simply bringing something to light can make all the difference.

Now, when I engage in really living, paying attention to my feelings and thoughts, embracing my responsibility to make good choices, having honest conversation with a friend, pursuing a new challenge or opportunity that I’m passionate about, I come away with this alive, buzzing feeling. Now I know that it’s that “flying feeling,” and the satisfaction and thrill of it won’t let me go back to the stale gas station coffee. I want a fulfilling life and this whole new feeling will become my new habit.


3 response to "It’s A Whole New Feeling"

  1. By: Carla Dippel Posted: 5th December

    Jim, I love how you say that “I am seeking a path to the better beans higher on the mountain” – that’s awesome! So glad to meet you on the journey.

    Vaila, thank you and it’s really a joy to see you here!

  2. By: Vaila Backhouse Posted: 4th December

    This is great, Carla. I look forward to reading your posts.

  3. By: Jim Posted: 4th December

    I totally agree that staying in your comfort zone is a way of coping and not excelling in ones life. Also to think that all I deserve is poor coffee because that is what I have been told is an injustice to my growth as a whole person. I am seeking a path to the better beans higher on the mountain. Thanks for the post Carla

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