Investing in Your Mental Health

Dreams Tulum, Mexico
Dreams Tulum, Mexico

In the profession that I am in as a mental health advocate, I often hear the complaint that therapy is too expensive and not accessible to everyone. Therapy can cost hundreds of dollars per hour and many places in the world have no insurance coverage or health care supplement allotted for mental health issues.

I spent thousands of dollars for therapy. It was something that I made a commitment to do, and I didn’t care if I had to spend the rest of my life paying it off because I was so sick of being sick. For me it was just like the decision to go to University; if I wanted to live in wholeness and fullness, then I had to do what it takes to get there. I felt that I was making an investment in myself but more importantly, making an investment in my family.

Here is one of the ways I look at making the decision to pay for therapy or not to pay for therapy; a holiday for a family of 5 for two weeks costs between $12,000.00 and $18,000.00 depending what you do on the holiday. Several years ago our family went to Disney Land and the whole trip cost us $13,000.00 by the time we paid airfare and hotel, theme park admissions and restaurants, but here is the kicker. I came home exhausted because my coping methods had to kick into high gear in order for me to get through it. New things, new places, new people all caused me to go into emotional nightmare. Spending that much money and coming home exhausted and needing a holiday was a bit disappointing.

Last year we went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for our first all inclusive resort vacation, and it was really wonderful! I came home refreshed, I did not go into any “emotional spins” while away and the whole family, myself included, enjoyed every day of the 14 days we were away.  Now that I have learned to live without coping methods, I don’t feel as though I NEED a holiday but rather I go and enjoy a holiday! The whole experience of vacation was so much better in wholeness then it was before. It was certainly worth giving up a couple of vacations in order to have this freedom that I live in now, especially since the vacations are so much better now!

Tomorrow we head off to Dreams Tulum, an all inclusive resort in Tulum Mexico for a couple of weeks! I am really excited!

Wishing you all good mental health! ~ Darlene

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  1. By: Darlene Ouimet Posted: 7th January

    Hi Debbie!

    Yes, I absolutely agree about the family dynamics involved on vacation and how much they change in wholeness. Last year everyone in our family was allowed to do what they wanted and NOT do what they didn’t want to do. (within reason when it came to the kids) For instance; my son and I went horseback riding on the beach. No one else wanted to, so we went alone. Everyone except me wanted to go on a safari tour, so I spent a wonderful day BY MYSELF at the resort and everyone had a great day! My husband took our youngest daughter on a snorkelling tour. We all took turns going to restaurants with each other, eg: we had a girls dinner, and I went out with to eat with each of the kids by myself. This year the kids are a bit older and my husband and I are going to have a date night one night and the kids will all decide where to go together. Everyone is responsible to make the most out of our trip and no one is responsible to make someone else have a good time. This is part of the freedom and right to individuality that our family has today. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments on the blog!

    Hugs, Darlene

  2. By: Debbie Posted: 7th January

    Darlene, I really like this blog post. I agree fully. When I think about past vacations I realize that what I remember most is the way I FELT during the vacation more than the actual experiences, like sight seeing or rides at Disneyland. I remember the family dynamics…how I wanted to make sure everyone was having fun and felt good about themselves. I was really powerless to do it but I sure tried. I think vacations can be an extremely stressful experience and even more so when there are a number of people…all carrying their emotional baggage, not to mention the power struggles that take place. I believe that money spent on good counseling, even if it means never taking another vacation, has greater value than money spent on almost any other thing. Life is just not enjoyable when we do not have good mental health, no matter how much money we have.

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