How Abusers and Perpetrators Get Away With It


unnamedWhat if I told you that there is a predator in the survivor community posing as an advocate for survivors of child sexual abuse. What if I told you that he has a large following, is well respected, has been interviewed many times and has even been on television. What if I also told you that the evidence against him goes back several years. What if I said that 11 women have come forward with very similar stories of sexual harassment, bullying, blackmail, shaming, and threats.

Would you believe me? I am guessing you would believe me. Most people who follow me, read my work, buy my book and share my posts believe me when I write about my childhood, my mother, my upbringing, my parents and the ways that I was regarded and disregarded, all of which communicated to me that I was not as lovable or as valuable as the people mistreating and disrespecting me were.

But what if you were a friend of my family? What if you realized that I was talking about someone you knew that had been the one doing this stuff to me? What if it was your pastor, your teacher or your coach that had been messing with me? What if it was your aunt, your cousin or your brother in law? How would you react then?

This survivor advocate that I am talking about today is very skilled in grooming his victims to be afraid to tell on him. He is just like any other manipulative controller or abuser who knows that he has to find a way to keep his victims quiet. His pattern is very similar with each of the women he has targeted. He gains their trust, he finds or creates something that he can use against them and when the victim objects, or realizes that he is an abuser, he uses threats, guilt and calls them all sorts of horrible names defining his victims as the problem, taking them back to the helpless childhood they are trying so hard to emerge from and keeping them in the web of fear.

How do you feel about this? What if I told you his name? And what if he was your friend? What if you have had discussions with him and found him to be ‘so nice’ and ‘knowledgeable’ and so “helpful”. What if you had nothing but respect for this guy. What would your reaction be then?

In the general survivor community, a huge part of advocacy work has to do with people encouraging victims to come forward and tell their story. The problem is that so many come forward and are called liars.

I posted a warning on my personal Facebook page this week about a man who is a well known advocate for child sexual abuse survivors. I personally was not friends with him but we had over 180 friends in common. I posted a warning based on the evidence that had been shown to me, most of which is not public due to the FEAR the victims have of him, and I was attacked. I was shamed. I was told that I could be ruining this mans life with my accusations. When I said that there was a magnitude of evidence, someone commented that it is easy for people to create fake email or Facebook accounts and impersonate the perpetrator. That is how important it was to her to discredit the victims and discount the evidence! This was a fellow survivor of sexual abuse AND an advocate for survivors healing from abuse!

People demanded names of these victims. Two of the victims allowed their names to be public and they were shamed so much that one of his victims had to shut her Facebook account down due to the amount of hate mail she was getting. She had proof, she had text messages and emails. And she wasn’t the only one that had proof.

I was reprimanded, guilt tripped and shamed, but mostly (and possibly the most concerning) I was ignored. I had very little impact. On my personal Facebook page – I am not referring to the Emerging From Broken Fan Page which has 84,700 followers – but on my Personal Page I have 1700 friends and 1300 followers. And I was pretty much ignored. When I posted about my eye injury, I over 1000 likes and over 300 comments, but when I post a warning about a perpetrator in our midst, I was ignored. I suspect that most people didn’t want to get involved. And yet, my only purpose ON Facebook is to empower people to heal from the pain that has imprisoned them and to validate that abuse really does happen and that healing is possible.

I am pretty happy today that I don’t tell everyone that healing depends on being believed.

All the encouragement that these same people spout off about “telling” and reporting the abuser, and all the shaming and responsibility that is put on people who “know about the abuse” but don’t come forward and this was the result. The same people who say “just tell” and “stop abuse” are shaming the people that ARE telling and the people supporting them.

I have experienced an amazing range of feelings over this; I felt my hope slipping away. I felt powerless; I wondered if I was actually hurting the perpetrator, I wondered if I should just “mind my own business”. I questioned my purpose for doing this kind of work. But bigger than all those feelings, I remembered all the times that I was called a liar, exaggerator, and that I had ‘misunderstood’ the situation and how helpless I felt. I remembered that feeling of being alone because no one would help me. I remembered the fear of tomorrow because my survival was all up to me. And I remembered that because I was the one that people judged as was liar, the perpetrator of the abuse was empowered to keep abusing. He got a free pass. He got to abuse again and again. I was imprisoned and he went free.

And that is what is happening to the victims of this online perpetrator. People are supporting HIM. The victims are once again alone, shamed, unsupported and disbelieved. No wonder victims are afraid to come forward. Think about it.

I am an expert on emotional healing. Since most of us have never been empowered to think for ourselves or to have a choice I don’t encourage people to do anything that they are not ready to do. I find that is the most empowering stance to take. Therefore, although the solution when it comes to healing doesn’t depend on victims reporting abusers I am very against abuse and I am passionate about doing whatever I can to expose it.

If you suspect that you have been harassed or abused by an advocate for abuse in the survivor community, please contact me through the contact form here, at the button above, and I will put you in touch with the people who are heading up this investigation.

Will you share this post? Will you comment in support of this ongoing investigation for the victims? Do you need ‘proof’ or can you believe that I have seen the proof and that I respect the victims rights NOT to risk the persecution that so often comes with exposing the truth about abusers. Please help me. 

Exposing Truth,

Darlene Ouimet

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155 response to "How Abusers and Perpetrators Get Away With It"

  1. By: l Posted: 18th March

    How do you handle it when people label talking about ongoing abuse as negativity or having a bad attitude? During times when the abuse by family members is very bad, and I stopped pretending to be happy, I get criticized, shunned, or people pointedly change the subject as if I am behaving unacceptably. The worst abuser in my immediate family even accused me of “keeping score” because I remember dangerous things he has done and was wary that he would do them again. I know that people who reject you for being honest have no real value, but do you have a way of exposing the truth while retaining social contacts and your reputation? What if you and your abuser have many mutual friends and they like better because he vents her rage on me and puts up fake facade in public even critisizing you openly to others and making others lash out against you

  2. By: Morgan Posted: 18th March

    Victi,s are always ignored and even isolated. Abusive man will tell everyone his victi, is crazy and will do anything to hide his secret.

  3. By: Charmaine Posted: 27th December

    My last day was when my enabling (but loved) dad’s response to a heartfelt text I sent him regarding the death of my friends father was that I needed to ask my narcisstic mother’s forgiveness. Last day. Enough.

  4. By: Emily Posted: 23rd November

    How do you handle it when people label talking about ongoing abuse as negativity or having a bad attitude? During times when the abuse by family members is very bad, and I stopped pretending to be happy, I get criticized, shunned, or people pointedly change the subject as if I am behaving unacceptably. The worst abuser in my immediate family even accused me of “keeping score” because I remember dangerous things she has done and was wary that she would do them again. I know that people who reject you for being honest have no real value, but do you have a way of exposing the truth while retaining social contacts and your reputation? What if you and your abuser have many mutual friends and they like her better because she vents her rage on me and puts up a cheerful facade in public while I am often depressed and angry?

  5. By: Voce Posted: 15th September

    I believe you. Abuse is so insidious that way. Their are multiple layers of denial due to the incessant lies and the grooming of both victims and others in order to hide behind the false public mask of an abuser. Basically when you are dealing with Evil you have to know you are up against an army of brainwashing and that it has been planned to attack anyone who knows the mask is hiding evil.

  6. By: Susan Posted: 28th September

    First, thank you for sharing this information. In doing so, you have enlightened me & have given me hope.

    I was introduced to a man (38 yrs old) by some friends in high school when I was 15 years old. My friends & I & many other teenagers would hangout at his house just about everyday after school. We would play ping pong, darts, cards, or watch movies. He would buy food for all of us & sodas, etc…We had fun there. However, I always had the burning question of “Why”?! One day I asked him…”Why he was so nice to all of us teenagers & allow us to hangout at his house”?! He said, because if he didn’t then where would we hangout?! Huuummm? Good question. He had answered my question with a real good question. & that answer of his won over many parents too.

    What this man was doing & did is exactly what you described here…GROOMING HIS VICTIMS!!! He gained much trust in his neighborhood always appearing to be kind, helpful, considerate, in general a good person. He told stories of him always wanting to have children of his own & stories of being married once but finding out he can not have children of his own & his wife divorcing him because of it. & so on. All lies to win over the trust of his victims & their families. He was a local police officer but was terminated after 2 years, for reasons unknown to the public. He was enlisted in the Army Reserves all in which to make himself appear to be a righteous, good, upstanding citizen & person. However I know different. He has lengthy criminal arrest / conviction record, including: possession of & sells of a controlled substance, contributing controlled substance to minors, & in 1992 – 1994 was arrested for 13 charges of Child Molestation & he has been a Registered Sex Offender since then.
    It makes me sick to my stomach when I think back at how much at one time I had trusted him & knowing now he was 100% & only duped me into believing him. But he has gone way further then only that. I recently was found proof that he has done the same exact thing to my Son & his family. This man has been GROOMING HIS VICTIMS, & MY SON, HIS WIFE & MY GRANDCHILDREN ARE NOW HIS VICTIMS!! However, what can I do about it when my son nor his wife believe me even though there is proof?! They refuse to speak with me, nor do they allow me to visit my grandchildren, yet this known child molester they are close friends with. SMH IN PURE DISGUST!!! :'(

    • By: Tori Posted: 5th March

      These are your grand children & if their parents don’t get it enlighten them & the entire community.
      I don’t understand why you haven’t printed out all of this information & put it in a folder & delivered it to your son, or put it into an envelope and mailed it to him? This pedophile should already be a registered sex offender & he shouldn’t have ANY contact with ANY children…
      I’d be putting a sign on the sidewalk in front of his place every chance I got, Warning everyone. I would carry a sign & stand on the sidewalk in front of the bastards house with copies of his criminal record to hand out to by passers. That’s just me…
      I grew up with a mentally, emotionally, & physically abusive, narcissistic mother whose in her 70’s now & still continues to go around blessing all she comes in contact with her undiagnosed & unmedicated personality disorder. Unforgettable isn’t even the word.
      I went no contact with her 10 years ago in order to salvage what was left of my own sanity. Oh, the stories I could tell. One of the abusive men she chose over her children & had a dysfunctional relationship with for several years, began sexually abusing me when I was 8. Needless to say, I have zero tolerance & zero intimidation or, fear of these assholes nor will I tolerate this kind of bullshit or make any excuses for these dirt bags. There’s no excuse for not getting the word out. If I can save only ONE child my effort is worth it… These sons of bitches have absolutely no idea or, just how thankful they truly ought to be to God that I’ve taken anger mgmt classes. You’re allowed to stand with a sign on the sidewalk & hand out the information. This is not slander. This information is public knowledge & anyone can access it… The page printed will clearly show the website address in which the information came from, making it obviously apparent that you didn’t just make it up…
      Save your grand children at whatever the cost.

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