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Hope Starts Here

I am a certified professional life transitions coach specializing in healing. I work internationally on Skype or over the phone. I have a gift for seeing how the heart got broken and the lies at the core of that damage. I have a gift for helping people see themselves the way they originally were; as wonderful, lovable and worthy people. I have a gift for hearing things people don’t realize they are saying which helps me to help my clients see where they are stuck.

Coaching is about asking the right questions. Through questions, I assist the client to see those stick points for themselves which enables them to move forward and away from them and to embrace the truth about their own worthiness.

Most of my own healing was done through re-wiring my belief system and I am very good at seeing where the belief system of others has them trapped. Hope started for me when I realized there was a solution. Healing started for me when I saw exactly what the false beliefs were, that were in my way.

(I take clients internationally as long as we can agree on a time and the client is able to speak English)

Over the years since I started coaching, I have found that there are several ways to get results depending on the client. I recommend having an initial consultation with me and we can decide what works best for you. I will spend extra time on a first time consult to explain the different options at no extra charge to my client.  

My fee is $125.00 per hour USD (plus GST which is 5%) or $125.00 Canadian (plus GST) for Canadian citizens only. Most clients work with me on the phone or on Skype every second week depending on the needs of the individual.  For the client this means less payments than traditional coaching or therapy. 

Most client’s do well doing writing assignments; I have developed a format that works very effectively with clients; this coaching format enables the client to work independently in-between phone or Skype sessions without having to pay for my time while they are thinking. If we decide in the consult that this is what would work for you, I charge $50.00 an hour to do email feedback and review in-between phone or Skype sessions. I have had great success with format and most clients find it very affordable due to the amount that they can accomplish outside of the ‘session time’ by working on the questions I ask them to work on in their own time and at their own pace.

For some clients 2 consult sessions is all it takes to get on the right path to healing. Everyone is different and I honor those differences.

If you are unsure about whether or not I can help you, please feel free to read more of my website on the categories that interest you. I personally have written over 420 articles, each one with a discussion that I have participated in. My blog is a wonderful representation of my own recovery process and reveals much about my ethics and insights. Many people have reported using my e-book like a workbook also with great results. You can get a copy of it by clicking the book image on the upper right side bar.

Payments are accepted through PayPal or by credit card which will also be processed through my verified business PayPal account. Sessions must be paid for prior to the meeting time. (I will send an invoice through email)

Please contact me through the contact form if you are interested in working with me. It is very helpful for me if you include your time zone with your correspondence. Please be aware that I usually have a waiting list but I can give you an estimate of when I will have an opening. (the waiting list is usually around 3 or 4 months) 

You are worth the investment that you make into your own life!  

Darlene Ouimet CTACC

Certified Professional Coach specializing in healing and life transitions