Celebrating the Truth about Love on Valentine’s Day


My husband gave me a dozen long stemmed red roses for Valentine’s day. I got them early which is great with me; We live out in the country so flowers are not found nearby and Valentine’s day is just another day after all. I used to think that how much he went out of his way for me, proved his love for me.

Carla’s post got me thinking about the whole love thing and the difference between how I think of love today and how I used to think of love. Here are some of my thoughts:

 ~ I know that because my husband gave me red roses, it doesn’t prove his love for me in the least. It just proves that he knows I love roses. =)

~I know that if I don’t bake his favourite cookies like I used to do every Valentine’s day past, that he isn’t going to conclude that I don’t love him. He doesn’t think that if I go out of my way for him that proves my love for him anymore either.

~ I know that because he is cooking dinner this year doesn’t mean that he loves me more then I love him OR that Valentine’s day is more significant for women than it is for men. It means that he decided to gift me with cooking a special meal for our family to celebrate our love for each other and our kids. (I am going to gift him back by cleaning the bathroom for him….LOL)

~I know that because I didn’t buy him anything that he isn’t going to think I don’t love him. He doesn’t want a dozen roses. =) and maybe he can have some of the chocolates we got the kids!

~He knows who I am; he sees me, (not who he wants me to be for him, not as his support person, not as he wishes I was, but he sees who I really am) and he appreciates our differences and our different interests and he supports my dreams and desires as I do his…..and I know that that is real love.

We are celebrating true love this year. We are celebrating connections, life, relationships, family, and friendships. We are honouring each other as individuals who choose to be together and share a home, a bed and a bank account. We are celebrating truth, life and that love is based in the definition of best for all loved.

Wishing you truth in all your love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

~ Darlene

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  1. By: Splinteredones Posted: 14th February

    Spot on once again. Thanks.

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