When Mental Health Providers are not Helpful by Kylie Devi

  I am pleased to have guest writer Kylie Devi writing about Unhelpful Mental Health Providers this week at Emerging from Broken. Many of us have been through the mental health system with less than wonderful results. In this post Kylie shares examples of how helping professionals failed her in her quest to overcome the … Continue reading "When Mental Health Providers are not Helpful by Kylie Devi"

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Dysfunctional Relationship with Mental Health Providers

I am pleased and excited to have guest blogger Susan Kingsley-Smith sharing about dysfunctional relationships within the mental health system while I am away on vacation.  Susan is my friend and fellow truth seeker, as well as the author of  “A Journey” and I’m also blessed to have her as a frequent commenter here on Emerging … Continue reading "Dysfunctional Relationship with Mental Health Providers"

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Dissociative Identity Disorder and Reconnection

Sometimes I get a comment that is bursting with questions that I just HAVE to talk about in more depth than just a comment back. In my last post “coping methods ~ trying to escape myself” I got one of these comments from Susa.  Susa wrote: “Interesting perspective and I really appreciate reading your experiences … Continue reading "Dissociative Identity Disorder and Reconnection"

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Controllers and Manipulative People don’t Question Themselves

On What Authority? Controllers, abusers and manipulative people don’t question themselves. They don’t ask themselves if the problem is them. They always say the problem is someone else. This was a huge problem for me when I went into therapy because I was very willing to convince my therapist that the problem was me ~ … Continue reading "Controllers and Manipulative People don’t Question Themselves"

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Keys to Living in the Present (the password is “the past”)

In order to live in the present I had to be willing to actually LOOK at what I was running from. I had to ask myself ~ why did I disconnect and dissociate. Why did I use food for comfort? Why did I go to bed for days on end? I had to ask myself what I was afraid of feeling. I had to become aware of my survival methods and look at where they came from; what they developed as a result of ~ and guess what??? All those questions led me back to the past.

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