A Mother Daughter Relationship~ Part Two

In my last post “A Mother Daughter Relationship~ From Broken to Whole” I began a series on how my Mom’s belief system impacted me. Today, I welcome my Mom, Debbie,  as she describes her dreams for our relationship and her belief system as a young mother. By Debbie Dippel When considering Carla and my relationship, … Continue reading "A Mother Daughter Relationship~ Part Two"

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A Mother Daughter Relationship ~ From Broken to Whole

When I first began sorting out the kind of impact my parents had had in forming what I believed about myself, I was certain that my Mom had done more damage to me than my Dad. I felt my anger mostly towards her (I was aware of very little anger towards my Dad). When I considered my relationship with … Continue reading "A Mother Daughter Relationship ~ From Broken to Whole"

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Sexualized at a Young Age~ my Mother my Teacher

I have been writing about the belief system and how it develops; the ways that we view the world and ourselves according to the teachings that we receive from our parents, teachers, media and society in general. Today I continue with a more personal account of behaviour that was modeled for me by my mother. … Continue reading "Sexualized at a Young Age~ my Mother my Teacher"

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