My Relationship with Me ~ Emotional Healing

“When a child has been in a dysfunctional family system, that child grows up with some dysfunctional thinking. It can’t be helped.  The dysfunctional ways of thinking in my family system got passed on to me. Dysfunction and mistreatment, psychological abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse all contributed to the survival methods that I had … Continue reading "My Relationship with Me ~ Emotional Healing"

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How Blame, Guilt and Shame get Misapplied to Self

The belief system that I am constantly speaking of does not form all at once or form completely from one event. This is where it gets complicated. Other events factor into it, some of them normal healthy childhood events that may have familiar feelings attached to them, and it is really easy to lump them … Continue reading "How Blame, Guilt and Shame get Misapplied to Self"

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D.I.D. and the Essence of Who I Am by Carla Logan

Lovely Hope I am really excited to welcome guest writer Carla Logan today! Carla and I have become great friends on this journey to freedom. In her process of recovering from Dissociative Identity, (the multiple personality disorder kind) Carla has focused on getting to know each of her alters as individuals, which was very different … Continue reading "D.I.D. and the Essence of Who I Am by Carla Logan"

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Tomorrow I will Start to Face the Pain

Throughout the years of trying to change, I tried many things; in fact I tried almost everything that was suggested to me to try. Seminars, self help books, 12 step programs, I tried holistic medicine, cleanses, meditation, medication, vacations; I tried diet plans, fitness plans, naturopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine, you name it I likely tried … Continue reading "Tomorrow I will Start to Face the Pain"

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The Real Problem With Being Fake by Christina Enevoldsen

Christina Enevoldsen It is my honor to have Christina Enevoldsen ~ Cofounder of the website Overcoming Sexual Abuse guest posting for Emerging from Broken today.  The Problem with Being Fake by Christina Enevoldsen Many years ago, I tried to cultivate a relationship with an acquaintance.  I listened attentively; I asked questions; I shared my thoughts … Continue reading "The Real Problem With Being Fake by Christina Enevoldsen"

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