Accomplishments~Emerging from Broken is off to a Great Start!

Happy New Year! ~On January 1st, this blog was officially one month old and I am really pleased with the progress we have made. Here are a few highlights this past couple days. ~Google is picking up our posts the same day we write them, which means that we are getting searched frequently by the … Continue reading "Accomplishments~Emerging from Broken is off to a Great Start!"

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Ten Differences between living Broken and living Whole

This list is a comparison of how my life used to be, compared to how it is today. ~Darlene Brokenness: ~the oppression of depression ~the guilt and shame of mental illness ~the guilt and shame of emotional abuse (or any other type of abuse) ~the weight and responsibility of the world ~self hate ~the darkness … Continue reading "Ten Differences between living Broken and living Whole"

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Christmas Gratitude, Turkey Soup and Great Mental Health

Each year that I continue to pursue living in truth and wholeness, Christmas just gets better. This year I am filled with awe and gratitude for how wonderful our family Christmas time was. When I went through my process of emerging from broken, my family got dragged into it too. There were a few tough … Continue reading "Christmas Gratitude, Turkey Soup and Great Mental Health"

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Loving in the Present vs. the Root of Distress

Beautiful Fishy   “The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.” Barbara De Angelis Author and Relationship Expert I love this quote and I believe this statement to be true, however it reminds me of how much I struggled in the past … Continue reading "Loving in the Present vs. the Root of Distress"

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Learning to Live Life Fully

I am amazed at the brokenness that surrounds me each day in the lives of others. Surrounded by pain, so many people live day to day without knowing what it is to fully live, to flourish and thrive. Some have recovered from mental health issues, addictions, and serious illness such as chronic depression or bi-polar disorder, but … Continue reading "Learning to Live Life Fully"

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