7 Differences Between Living Broken and Living Whole


Here are seven differences from my life between living in brokeness and living whole:

Living Broken

-Always on high alert

-Happiness came and went depending on circumstances

-Close my eyes and just push through…

-Threatened by other people’s success and unique qualities

-Chronic self-doubt

-Giving because I felt guilty or obligated

-Determining my value based on how I compared to others


Living Whole

-Deep feelings of happiness and real joy come naturally the more I believe the truth about who I really am

-Believing I have the ability to

-Freedom in relationships to appreciate other people’s unique qualities without being threatened by them

-Knowing I am not ultimately responsible for someone else’s happiness

-Pursing the kind of life I ultimately want, because I now believe I am worthy of it

-Having limits and allowing myself to fail without beating myself up; engaging in my own personal process of growing and moving forward with compassion and celebration

-Giving to others because I genuinely want to and with no strings attached


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