The Fear of Not Being Loved Ruled my Life

Love is not facilitated through FEAR of loss. Love is not determined by “being good enough” or “not good enough” for someone else. Love is not based on performance. I was taught to love unconditionally by people who conditionally loved me. In truth, they didn’t love me at all. They owned me and they taught me that as long as I complied with their wishes, they would value me. That is not love...

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Understanding Victim Mentality ~ a Key to Freedom

What is Victim Mentality? I was going to look it up and post a lovely clinical definition, but I thought it might be more effective to just write about what I have learned about it. The term “Victim Mentality” has such a nasty “feel” to it. It sounds like something awful, something that we don’t … Continue reading "Understanding Victim Mentality ~ a Key to Freedom"

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