How Blame, Guilt and Shame get Misapplied to Self

The belief system that I am constantly speaking of does not form all at once or form completely from one event. This is where it gets complicated. Other events factor into it, some of them normal healthy childhood events that may have familiar feelings attached to them, and it is really easy to lump them … Continue reading "How Blame, Guilt and Shame get Misapplied to Self"

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Self Worth; Where does it Come From?

There are little messages that we get when we live in an abusive or dysfunctional environment, or even if our home environment is not abusive, but we are being devalued or mistreated in any way somewhere outside of that environment. Remember that all abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and spiritual abuse is all … Continue reading "Self Worth; Where does it Come From?"

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Psychological, Physical, and Sexual Abuse WHY Questions

Sometimes we get stuck on the “why’s” and the why questions. We can talk endlessly about what happened, we can realize that it was not our fault, we can face the pain of having been devalued, used, unprotected, powerless and disregarded, but the why questions still remain. ~Why did my mother seem to take pleasure … Continue reading "Psychological, Physical, and Sexual Abuse WHY Questions"

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