Illusive but Destructive: Belief System Inheritance

It was so subtle. And I was entirely defenseless to protect myself from it. I had no reference point in my youngest years to be able to say, “Hey, believing this will play out badly for me in the future. I’m going to decide to believe differently.” It was what I naturally took to be … Continue reading "Illusive but Destructive: Belief System Inheritance"

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7 Differences Between Living Broken and Living Whole

Here are seven differences from my life between living in brokeness and living whole: Living Broken -Always on high alert -Happiness came and went depending on circumstances -Close my eyes and just push through… -Threatened by other people’s success and unique qualities -Chronic self-doubt -Giving because I felt guilty or obligated -Determining my value based … Continue reading "7 Differences Between Living Broken and Living Whole"

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