Toxic Mother Daughter Relationship and Oprah Winfrey’s Mother

This part of the quote in the statement “Oprah does not love her mother at all...She gives her a great deal financially but she does not give her the respect and affection a daughter should, and that bothers me.” ... well that Really bothers ME. Respect and affection? That phrase made me cringe. We are supposed to give our mothers affection? Why? Even if they beat us? Even if they sexually abuse us? Even if they disregard us as human beings and neglect our emotional health? This whole thing implies that being a daughter is a duty; that this “duty” has guidelines that need to be abided by or else you are NOT a good daughter.

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Emotionally Abusive Statements Designed to Control

  Continuing from part one “Emotional Healing by Understanding Psychological Abuse” I talked about how Psychological Abusers misuse their power in order to control and abuse others. In this post I continue with some of the statements that emotionally abusive controlling people make to create fear, confusion and the inability to think, and to force … Continue reading "Emotionally Abusive Statements Designed to Control"

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Covering up for Emotional and Psychological Abuse

freedom is on the other side I had this idea, well a belief actually, that my parents didn’t actually know that they were doing anything wrong with the way that they emotionally abused me. My father was extremely neglectful. He wasn’t interested in me or in my life. My mother constantly criticized me and humiliated … Continue reading "Covering up for Emotional and Psychological Abuse"

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