Survival Methods and Eating Disorders ~ Part One

food or weight disguised as solution To introduce this series, here is a brief history of my belief system when it came to my body and my weight; I had conflicting beliefs about weight that turned out to be bi-polar opposites; I believed that being underweight or the perfect weight would keep me safe from … Continue reading "Survival Methods and Eating Disorders ~ Part One"

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Keys to Living in the Present (the password is “the past”)

In order to live in the present I had to be willing to actually LOOK at what I was running from. I had to ask myself ~ why did I disconnect and dissociate. Why did I use food for comfort? Why did I go to bed for days on end? I had to ask myself what I was afraid of feeling. I had to become aware of my survival methods and look at where they came from; what they developed as a result of ~ and guess what??? All those questions led me back to the past.

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Before I Faced the Pain I had to Face the Lies

  Something is happening here on Emerging from Broken.  There is a depth of sharing and honesty that I didn’t expect. There is a community growing that I only hoped for. There is a profound expression of struggle and healing, all working towards the overall good and towards emotional recovery. This post is the follow … Continue reading "Before I Faced the Pain I had to Face the Lies"

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Fuel on the Fire: Anger by Shanyn Silinski

I am excited to have guest post blogger Shanyn Silinski from “the Scarred Seeker” contributing to our Anger series while I am taking some time off to vacation in Mexico.  Please share your thoughts and feedback about her take on the subject of Anger. Darlene Ouimet ~ founder of Emerging from Broken Fuel on the … Continue reading "Fuel on the Fire: Anger by Shanyn Silinski"

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