The Opposite of a Dysfunctional Family System ~ a glimpse of hope

  The other night we had a birthday dinner for our oldest son. All of our kids were home as well as a few of their friends. The conversation was lively, everyone was included, there was laughter, jokes, intellectual conversation about the chemistry my son studies and the neuroscience my oldest daughter studies.  All kinds … Continue reading "The Opposite of a Dysfunctional Family System ~ a glimpse of hope"

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Brainwashing in Dysfunctional Family Systems and that deep down feeling of Unworthiness

Every so often I get a comment that I just have to share with everyone because it is so full of the truth that can help so many others. This is one such time! This comment from Doren came in on my article “Survival Mode and an Alternate view of Narcissism.” Doren has given me … Continue reading "Brainwashing in Dysfunctional Family Systems and that deep down feeling of Unworthiness"

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The Definition of Respect ~ Do Disrespectful People deserve to be Respected?

  R.E.S.P.E.C.T. find out what it means to YOU……… A lot of my emotional healing grew out of realizing the truth about some of the concepts that I had been taught wrong. The people who were in a position of power in my life taught me a lot of false definitions of words like love, … Continue reading "The Definition of Respect ~ Do Disrespectful People deserve to be Respected?"

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On How to Become Your Own Best Friend

It was easy for me to reject myself the way that I had been rejected especially when it came to self-love. It was almost automatic for me to reject any affirmations that I tried to apply to myself about being worthy since I had never been approved of or validated before and since I believed that the failure was mine. I simply didn’t believe myself when I affirmed myself until I found out why I saw myself the way that I did in the first place.

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Thanksgiving and Gratitude ~ when the little voice rebels

It is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and I have been thinking about gratitude these past few days in relation to the past and the present.  I had been in the process of ‘trying’ to heal a lot longer than I have been in the actual process of healing and I have many new insights today … Continue reading "Thanksgiving and Gratitude ~ when the little voice rebels"

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People who try to Silence Victims Interfere with Emotional Healing

So many survivors of abuse believe that people who don’t understand have never “been there themselves” but in actuality, they don’t want to understand it because they don’t want to face the truth about either the way they were raised and or because they want the same silence and respect from their own children that was demanded of them by their parents. That is the cycle of abuse and how it works.

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The Roots of Self Blame and Blame Sharing

I asked myself if I needed to live in survivor mode anymore; did I still need those coping methods; were they still serving me? Was exactly was this “victim mentality” ~ how did it get there in the first place and did it still assist me or was it in my way? And perhaps the most important question of all; Is it true that I share in the blame for any of the neglect, abuse, disregard, failure to protect and mistreatment that I had been subjected to as a child.

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