Emotional Healing by Understanding Psychological Abuse

Every day I realize more and more that if the world is going to change at all, it is going to change through the emotional healing of the victims. I think that victims of emotional abuse and all the other forms of abuse that stem from emotional and psychological abuse including sexual abuse, domestic violence … Continue reading "Emotional Healing by Understanding Psychological Abuse"

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Memoirs of a Mad Survivor by Patty Hite

Patty Hite I am pleased to have guest blogger Patty Hite from the website Overcoming Sexual Abuse writing  for Emerging  from Broken today.  We are continuing with a series of posts on the subject of anger in relation to abuse.  As always on this blog, please feel welcome to post your comments, thoughts and contributions.  … Continue reading "Memoirs of a Mad Survivor by Patty Hite"

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Why Me? Wrong Answers to Abuse Recovery Questions

Why Me? I read the following quote on twitter and it really bugged me: If a person who went through domestic violence asks you “Why me?” then answer; “you’ve been put on this Earth to help others who went through the same thing.” I think not. This ticks me off because I used to believe … Continue reading "Why Me? Wrong Answers to Abuse Recovery Questions"

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Survivors of Abuse and Re-establishing Self Worth

Emerging from Broken Being survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence, religious abuse or psychological abuse has a lasting effect on us. One of the worst consequences is that our value has been falsely defined by others. We are told who we are and who we should be. Over time we are conditioned to accept that … Continue reading "Survivors of Abuse and Re-establishing Self Worth"

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