More on Mother Daughter Dysfunctional Relationship

Mommy Please….   “If your progress in recovery is thwarted each time you see your family, if you revert to being a subservient or a fearful child, then you may need to stop seeing them for a while. Most importantly, you may need time to develop your own separate “self”, since it may be impossible … Continue reading "More on Mother Daughter Dysfunctional Relationship"

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Forgive the Abusers? A bit of a Rant

A whole book could be written about this subject. There is so much “baggage” around the whole concept of forgiveness that I hesitate to even go there, however…. there have been a few discussions lately on the facebook page for Emerging from Broken; some to do with my last post “Emotional Healing and the Will … Continue reading "Forgive the Abusers? A bit of a Rant"

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Understanding Victim Mentality ~ a Key to Freedom

What is Victim Mentality? I was going to look it up and post a lovely clinical definition, but I thought it might be more effective to just write about what I have learned about it. The term “Victim Mentality” has such a nasty “feel” to it. It sounds like something awful, something that we don’t … Continue reading "Understanding Victim Mentality ~ a Key to Freedom"

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Self Acknowledgment ~ IS IT A SIN?

In honour of the Canadian Thanksgiving today I am writing about the importance of self acknowledgement and specifically my ability to be grateful (in public) for my wins and my accomplishments. I sometimes get email either asking me “why” I brag about accomplishments or reprimanding me about posting my achievements on my face book pages. … Continue reading "Self Acknowledgment ~ IS IT A SIN?"

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